Wednesday, May 13, 2020


As light as a feather floating in the air,
As stark as a lion lolling in its lair.
As fragile as glass on the fringe,
As dense as a metal attached to a hinge.

Unflappable said some, not to be budged,
Unfulfilled too, but still not smudged.
Never are all realized, never are all gone,
Some are lost in time, some are reborn.

Tender as a curl on a baby's lips,
Acute as a snake's venomous hiss.
They are sacred as a bride's red hue,
And innocent as child's eye blue.

They are concentrated emotions galore,
Deluge sometimes, sometimes sore.
Unbridled, bohemian...they are the rainbow,
They sprout beyond the efforts we show.

Unbiased and unabashed, no predilection,
Wishes are the man's greatest invention.
They are a slander for those who don't dream,
They are the voice to those who dare to dream.

They require no age, they ask no money,
They can be as serious, as they can be funny.
The moon and the stars add to their flavour,
Wishes are to nurture and savour.

They are the crayons to a barren canvas,
They are marbles in a jar brimless.
They are imperfect, and perfect as it may,
They maybe hard as rock or soft as clay.

A wish is a gasp at the mundane life,
A wish is an attempt to wipe a strife.
It could be those lazy afternoon naps,
Or lying nonchalant on your mother's lap.

As small as a stroll in the morning,
To as magnanimous as curbing global warming.
A wish could be world peace,
Or for a pain to cease.

Even if you cannot afford,
Wish at your own accord.
For a wish don't judge you by your wallet,
Even if it doesn't arrive, the promise stays in the closet.

The ache of the past and the hope for the future,
Wishes are the heart's best tutor.
Some are partial, some are whole,
Wishes help us bare our soul.

Monday, May 4, 2020


Separated by a thousand miles,
Treacherous seas and weeded isles
Talking of the night dark and days sunny,
Not allowing distance to have the hegemony

As the longing grows and happens a segue,
From despair to ecstasy and back
Notwithstanding the constraints we face,
Disobedient to the time's track

The crinkles of your chortles and
The sound of your breath
Inspite of the virtuality makes,
You sit at an arm's length

It is the memories we weave every night,
That makes this seem alright
It maybe a step too small,
But a leap so giant...

Distance shall not dictate,
The terms and of our run
As a dewdrop on the green,
Can reflect the moon and the sun

What is real and what is farce,
Mind again ruminates…
Beneath the pain of being apart,
Is the hope of this to culminate

Sanity takes a backseat,
Technology comes to rescue
The way I feel glued to this,
It is rare and and I rue-
The distance again is the reason,
To not see your face,
But with the destiny,
I somehow manage to brace...

The Rumis and the Gibrans of the world,
Would have understood the dent
That I face; but not my heart,
As it is a poor student...

No witness to our murmurs,
Except the silence of the night
But in the midst of it all,
The connect comes to dazzle

Feelings refuse to subside,
Mind cannot decipher the fuss
Amidst the awkward silence,
The stars are rooting for us...