Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Hairy tangle : Confessions of a compulsive obssesive hair manager

Whenever the question of here comes to mind, its the girls that take the limelight, but the masculine genders do give a lot of importance to their manes that rests above their hammy skulls. The spike, mohawk and the mafia looks can all be attributed to the experiments and the manipulations that we've had with our hair. I won't get into the persiflage; going round the bush talking about the girly hairstyles and the looks. I will simply delve into the styles and looks which boys prefer.

Tresemme  enlists some wonderful hairdos to don as you let yourself loose on the ramp but for me the hairstyle that would classify not just ramp ready but also the "evergreen" style, would be the one that comforts us the most. In the blistering heat of May, its better to go with cropped hair as opposed to the thick braids and messy hair.
Our hairstyles are more or less influenced by our icons, they maybe political, sporting or cinematic. The furor that a certain David Beckham at PSG or a certain Aamir Khan has after a "Dil Chahta Hai" simply impresses upon the fact that fashion's volatility is perennial. It changes by the clock and would continue to do so.

The fashion is predominantly urbane and the youngsters are its biggest victims. Just replicating the ramp to life, I quote the following lines,

Steps leading to the pedestal
Opportunity that knocks
Hits and misses part and parcel
Ambitions lead up to the orbit
Twists and turns create our mark
One error is conspicuous and stark

Sometimes, we need a second chance
Life seldom divulges the form
Ramp is like life wrapped in
a miniscule bohemian road
Chances are few and far
You hit, you're a star.

I'd like to thank TRESemme for creating a fun avenue to showcase the importance hair play in the game of fashion. You don't need to sneak out to Paris or Milan to find that trendy chic or latest hairdo. You can get it from within, if you delve deeper or from your surroundings. Just experiment and try to change it, coz change is the word for life...

Till we meet again, this is Udit signing off.

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